Date Movie/Epic Movie (2006/2007)

There are some movies in this world that make me sick to my stomach because they perfectly exemplify everything that is wrong with this world. Two of these movies are Date Movie and Epic Movie, both written and directed by Jason Freidberg and Adam Seltzer, or as I like to call them, Satan's workers. These men simply have NO idea what a spoof movie is meant to be. They throw pop culture icons on the screen and simply hope it sparks a laugh from the audience. But chances are it won't because they forgot one very important aspect of making a comedy: you have to write jokes! You can't just put actors that look like other actors on screen and say "HAHAHAHA THAT'S HILARIOUS!" That isn't how it works!

Both movies revolve around...well...nothing. There are no plots, as they are just an attempt to fit as many movie references into one 80 minute movie as possible.

The acting is...well technically I'm not even sure if you can call it acting. It's more or less the equivalent of a group of high school friends who got drunk and decided to film a video.

The directing know what, I can't even do it. If I were to review these sickening displays as I would any other film, it would be suggesting that I consider these to actually be movies. To call these disgraceful showings "movies" would be an insult to all actual movies everywhere. Date Movie and Epic Movie shouldn't just be shunned by the world, they should be buried 20 feet under the earth, along with the people that made them.

If you want to watch a REAL spoof movie, watch Airplane. That movie was released in 1980 and still has relevancy today. In 20 years, nobody will remember any of the references that Date or Epic Movie made, making them even MORE worthless. I have to stop typing now. I've become too angry. My Rating (-20/10)


  1. i'm a ashamed for having wasted my money on these movies. can you ever forgive me?

  2. lolol i just saw you labeled this movie as crap


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