Ratatouille (2007)

Pixar is famous for releasing animated films that make us laugh and feel good, but recently they decided to change their formula. Somebody who was apparently very mad at the world and worked at Pixar decided to trick us into seeing a movie that would torture us and destroy our trust in an animated film. This film is Ratatouille, my vote for one of the worst films of 2007. The plot revolves around a rodent named Remy, who happens to be a marvelous cook. After a bunch of complex circumstances, Remy ends up meeting Linguini, a busboy at a very fancy restaurant that is going under quickly due to a bad review from famous food critic Anton Ego. Linguini soon learns that Remy is an amazing chef and instead of say, running away in fear or at least laying down a mouse trap, he decides to use Remy to help pull the restaraunt out of depression.
Now I completely understand that this is an animated movie, but seriously. It's about a RAT that cooks FOOD. It is VERMIN. And we are supposed to have no problem with this? We are expected to find it funny? Even cute?! No, that's not how it works. If this movie was made in live action, it wouldn't be nearly as accepted as it was.
Secondly, if you can look past the stupid plot, the movie itself is extremely lacking in all forms of entertainment. In it, I felt no joy, no laughter, no happiness, no sentiment, not a single moment of interest. For the first 45 minutes I tried with every ounce of strength I had to remain interested, but I simply couldn't do it. Every minute after that simply felt like another minute towards freedom and away from this awful movie. The plot wears thin after the first half hour, as you continually repeat to yourself, "OK. The rat cooks. Anything else? Does this movie offer anything other than that? " No. It doesn't.
The human characters don't offer much in this dreadful rat pellet of a movie. Linguini is utterly annoying and you don't feel any connection to him whatsoever. There is also supposed to be a small love story between Linguini and fellow chef Collette, but it seems very forced and frankly silly as there is practically no interaction between the characters for basically the entire first hour of the movie.
The jokes in this movie are flat and are sometimes a little too grown up for the usual target audience of a Pixar film. I don't think there is much here for little kiddies to enjoy, and this movie isn't quite sensible enough for a self respecting human being to enjoy. Basically, there isn't much to offer in this movie except for great animations. But seriously, in this day and age, the animations on EVERY movie are great. Just because something animated looks real doesn't make the entire movie good. In this case, the animations were the only good thing offered. My rating (1/10)


  1. that movie was so bad
    i can't believe all the other critics thought it was good. you're the only sane one. =]

  2. I thought it sucked too. But I just figured because the movie wasn't for me. Kids or people with a simpler sense of humor probably found it fun.

  3. I was okay with this movie up until the point all of the rats invaded the kitchen. That gave me the creeps.

  4. Why is everyone against Ratatouille?

    It was a good movie ;_;

    Regardless of your hatred for this movie, This is a great review.

    Damn you Nick....Damn you


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