Wedding Crashers (2005)

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson deal out the laughs in the 2005 comedy Wedding Crashers. The two play Jeremy and John, two best friends who celebrate one extra season every year: wedding season. The duo go from wedding to wedding picking up vulnerable bridesmaids who are willing to throw their inhibitions to the wind for this one day. After a long season, Jeremy convinces John to crash the mother of all weddings. But things don't all go to plan as John ends up falling in love with his target Claire, played by the beautiful Rachel McAdams, and Jeremy gets involved with her sister Gloria, a level 5 clinger played by Isla Fisher. After the two are invited back to the sisters house by their father, played by the always hilarious Christopher Walken, their friendship is tested as John attempts to woo Claire despite the fact that she is in a committed relationship. Meanwhile, Jeremy must fend off the oversexed Gloria before he becomes completely drained of all life.
The laughs never cease in this hysterical comedy that also has a touch of heart. Vaughn and Wilson are perfect together, able to play off of each others characters extremely effectively, making it almost impossible not to laugh as the two interact. McAdams does a very good job as the girl who needs to make the inner choice of whether to stay with her long time boyfriend or move on to the charming newcomer John. The chemistry between Wilson and McAdams is extremely palpable, making you want to watch their relationship, instead of just being force fed it like romances in other movies (I'm looking at you, Pirates of the Caribbean). Christopher Walken is just too damn funny as the girl's father, Secretary William Cleary. He makes comedy look effortless as he manages to get big laughs without a lot of the theatrics that somebody like Vince Vaughn uses. But the person who really deserves a gold star is Isla Fisher. She is spot on as the bubbly, goofy, seemingly insane, and extremely lustful younger sister that becomes infatuated with Jeremy. She had me laughing every moment that she was on screen. Her career in Hollywood seems very promising, as she has already starred in many movies since then, which is much deserved given her performance here.
Wedding Crashers is about 2 hours long, and it kind've begins to get under your skin with a half hour left. I began to feel like the movie started to drag as the comedy halted to a stop after an unforeseen circumstance that I will not give away, at the risk of spoiling it. The movies ending does leave you satisfied though, which makes it worth it. There are a lot of funny performances here, and enough sentimentality to classify it as a pleasant romantic comedy. I certainly recommend watching this film multiple times, because like me, you'll find something new to love about it every time. My rating: (8/10)


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